DeKalb County
Community Services Department
Community Action Agency

  2550 North Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Providing anti-poverty programs and support to low-income residents in DeKalb County

If you are experiencing economic hardship, services may be available to assist. Feel free to contact either the DeKalb County Community Services Department at 815-758-3910; or the District’s Homeless Liaison at 815-786-2187. DeKalb County Community Services provides anti-poverty programs and support to low-income residents in DeKalb County. Families meet with a case manager to discuss family barriers, set long and short-term goals, and discuss the family's progress. Through our programs and advocacy, we work with families to overcome these barriers and help them become self-sufficient.

Programs offered through DeKalb County Community Services for eligible households are:

♦Emergency Intervention: This program provides emergency counseling and financial assistance to clients in need of housing, utilities, or prescriptions to alleviate their current crisis. An emphasis is placed on what caused the emergency and how to prevent it from happening again. Follow up support and referrals are available to help address issues that may impact household stability in the future.

♦Job Readiness: This program provides services to eligible individuals and families to overcome their barriers to employment. Financial assistance may be provided to assist the family with these barriers such as work clothes, tools, physicals, etc. to secure employment.

♦Health Care: This program assesses health care issues that impact the lives of those we serve and provides referrals and appropriate resources to obtain health, vision, and dental care.

♦Info Line, Outreach and Coordination: Information and referral service linking person to needed services, and provide support and coordination with and between other agencies.

♦Family Development: This program provides case management services for families who have found it difficult to become self-sufficient. Financial assistance may be available to purchase items that will eventually help a family become self-sufficient. Individual Savings Accounts also may be available. The ISA's are for a specific item, expense, etc. that will help lead a family to self-sufficiency. These accounts are matched dollar for dollar by this program.

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