Community Unit School District #430 Profile

In the 2013-2014 school year, Sandwich CUSD 430 enrollment in 2013-2014 was 2,263 students, including 85.2% White, 0.3% Black, 12.9% Hispanic, 1% Asian, 0.2% American Indian, and 0.4% Multi Racial. Average daily attendance at all schools was 96% for the year compared to the states 95%.

61% of students met or exceeded state standards on the ISAT compared to the states 59%; and 55% met or exceeded state standards on the PSAE compared to the states 54%. Note: the downward shift was consistent throughout the state and is attributed to a greater portion of the test addressing the new Illinois Standards (Common Core).

64.7% of the budget is spent on instruction; 0.8% is spent on general administration; 24.7% is spent on supporting services; and 9.8% is spent on other expenditures. Operational spending per pupil was $10,142 compared to the states $12,045. Low income is 38% and student mobility is 10%. 68% of revenue funding is local; 25.8% of revenue funding is state; and 6.2% of revenue funding is Federal.

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