Registration Forms

Since Sandwich CUSD #430 now has a fully integrated online registration system, the forms listed here are to be printed and manually filled out. When completed, please take them to the secretary at the applicable attendance center your child will be attending the next school year.

2017-2018 School Year

Superintendent Schmitt's 2017-2018 School Registration and Fees message (pdf)
2017-2018 School Online Registration Instructions (pdf)
2017-2018 School Registration Form (pdf)
2017-2018 Student Medical Survey (pdf)
2017-2018 School Medical Requirements (pdf)
2017-2018 Sandwich CUSD #430 Drug Screening Form (Gr 7-12) (pdf)
2017-2018 Concussion Acknowledgement Form (pdf)
Affidavit of Residence form (pdf)

2017-2018 año escolar
2017-2018 Instrucciones de registro en línea de escuela (Spanish) (pdf)
2017-2018 Formulario de inscripción de la escuela (Spanish) (pdf)
2017-2018 Requisitos médicos de la escuela (Spanish) (pdf)
2017-2018 Encuesta de salud del estudiante (Spanish) (pdf)
2017-2018 Sandwich CUSD #430 Formulario de detección de drogas (Gr 7-12) (Spanish) (pdf)
2017-2018 Formulario de acuse de concusión (Spanish) (pdf)

Physical Forms

Certificate of Child Health Exam (English) (pdf)
Certificate of Child Health Exam (Español) (pdf)
IHSA/IESA Sports Physical (pdf)
        Sports Physicals are required in addition to a completed School Physical
Medical Device Administration Permission Form (pdf)
Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities Waiver Form (pdf)
IHSA & IESA Concussion Information Sheet (pdf)

Dental Forms

School Dental Exam (English) (pdf)
School Dental Exam (Español) (pdf)
Dental Exam Waiver (English) (pdf)
Dental Exam Waiver (Español) (pdf)

Eye Exam Forms

School Eye Exam Waiver (pdf)
School Eye Exam Report (pdf)

Lunch Program Form

2017 - 2018 School Lunch Application

Other Forms

Tyler Parent Portal Agreement (pdf)
SHS Transcript Request (pdf)
SHS Parking Regulations and Driving Permit (pdf)
Sandwich CUSD #430 Internet AUP Form (pdf)
Sandwich CUSD #430 Drug Screening (pdf)
Religious Medical Exemption form (pdf)

Grade-levels K-8 Classroom Supply lists