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Prairie View Primary Parent Association (PPA)


The objective of the Primary Parent Association (PPA) is to promote understanding, cooperation and communication between students, parents and school personnel. To promote active involvement in volunteer programs, fundraisers and school sponsored activities and to assist the school in obtaining necessary educational equipment and materials.

Our monthly meetings are held at Prairie View. Check in at the office and they will direct you. Any parent interested in volunteering can contact us at

 2017-2018 Officers
 President  Christina Leonard 
 Vice-President    Brooke Gauer 
 Secretaries  Becky Englehart 
 Co-Treasurer  Brenda O'Neil/Maureen Seward 
 PV PPA By-Laws
 Prairie View Primary Parents Association By-Laws

 Calendar of Events

 2017-2018 Meeting Minutes
 April 2018  Meeting Minutes (pdf)
 March 2018  Meeting Minutes (pdf)
 February 2018  Meeting Minutes (pdf)
 January 2018  Meeting Minutes (pdf)
 December 2017  Meeting Minutes (pdf)
 November 2017  Meeting Minutes (pdf)
 October 2017  Meeting Minutes (pdf)
 September 2017  Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Prairie View Primary Parents Association Previous Years' Meeting Minutes